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The Power of Your Donation

Midtown Health Kids Checkup

Our mission is to provide a medical home to individuals and families in our communities who face barriers to healthcare access. Midtown has served Northern Utah since 1994 with sites in Weber and Davis Counties. We have grown from one site to eight and from 4,000 patients to over 25,000. Comprehensive 
primary care services including treatment for acute and chronic illnesses, well care, immunization, prenatal and behavioral health counseling are offered. In January 2014, we opened a site in South Salt Lake City designed to serve medically underserved residents of that community. We offer all of our patients’ language translation services, a sliding fee scale and culturally-competent care. We offer assistance in applying for Medicaid and health insurance subsidies in the healthcare marketplace.

Midtown’s medical providers are experienced in managing chronic illnesses such as diabetes and hypertension, asthma, hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS.

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Discounted and Donated Services

Midtown’s pharmacy offers discounted prescriptions and over the counter medications to patients. 58,000 prescriptions were filled in 2013.

Agreements with area hospitals and physicians for discounted or donated services ensure equitable access to specialty and tertiary care for underinsured and uninsured
community residents. Due to the generosity of community physicians and health and human service providers, Midtown coordinates over 1.5 million dollars in donated specialty care services annually to 4,200 individuals.

Full Range of Services for 7,000 Patients Annually

Oral healthcare services are offered to nearly 7,000 patients annually. We offer a full range of services including oral hygiene, root canals, dentures and implants. Oral
hygiene services are offered through a partnership with Weber State University’s Dental Hygiene Program. Dental hygiene students train at Midtown. This partnership maximizes resources for Weber State and Midtown while offering a community-based training experience for the students.

Midtown operates a satellite residency program in conjunction with the McKay-Dee Family Medicine Residency Program. Medical residents train in family practice and
prenatal care. They provide prenatal care and delivery services to nearly 250 women annually.

Midtown provides behavioral health services and medication management for community members with behavioral health concerns. Midtown and Weber Human Services operate the only federally funded integrated behavioral health clinic in Utah. This clinic was named one of the
three best in the nation by the National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare.

Health & Dental Care for Under-Served Children

stetha-kidsTo better serve children in our community we have a clinic in James Madison Elementary. We also have a pediatric clinic located in Washington Terrace. Midtown offers free well
child checks to underserved community residents. We coordinate a twice yearly event with local dentists to provide oral healthcare services, free of charge, for under-served children.

To ensure that low income women receive preventative screenings, we host Women’s Health Connection where we provide to 500 women, free of charge: pap smears,
coordination of mammograms, depression screenings and oral healthcare exams annually.

With the many generous donations from our community we will improve capacity to make health care accessible to all of our community members. We all deserve a medical home!

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