We Make a Difference Every Day!

We make a significant difference in the community and in dozens of families each day by providing affordable, quality healthcare services to the underserved community residents in Ogden, Davis County and Salt Lake City. Our mission is to provide a medical home to everyone, including individuals and families who may face barriers to accessible healthcare.

We provide comprehensive primary healthcare services including treatment for acute and chronic illnesses, pediatrics, well care, immunization, prenatal care, behavioral health counseling, and dental services.

In 2022, Midtown Community Health Center’s served over 25,000 total patients using the following services:

Medical Services – 21,623
Dental Services – 2,850
Behavioral Health Services – 702
Enabling Services – 2,237

Visit HRSA’s Uniform Data System to review previous years data.

All Midtown sites provide treatment for anxiety and depression. Please talk to your medical provider if you are experiencing these concerns. We can provide prescriptions and behavioral health therapy onsite or facilitated through a referral.

Our wide variety of patients include those with and without healthcare insurance, recipients of all state and federal government assistance programs, migrant and seasonal farmworkers, people experiencing homelessness, and refugees. We serve patients of all ages from pediatrics to geriatrics, including prenatal and women’s health patients (ages 15-44).

With 66.5% of our patients identifying themselves as Latino and 52.5% best served in a language other than English, Midtown offers services in Spanish with translation services available in most languages. We provide culturally and linguistically competent care to all community residents.

Our dedicated healthcare providers and amazing volunteer network of over 400 specialty medical/dental providers are committed to providing equitable access to quality, affordable healthcare. They have a passion for making healthcare accessible to everyone, regardless of background or current situation, and treat all patients with dignity and respect.

Specialty Care Services

Midtown is proud to coordinate specialty care for our patients who need services that cannot be directly provided at Midtown. We work with Intermountain Healthcare, Ogden Regional Medical Center, and over 400 volunteer medical and dental care providers to make affordable specialty care available. Because of the continued generosity of local providers, Midtown is able to coordinate services for over 4,200 people annually for a donated value of over $2,000,000 a year.